Anti-Spam Policy  

The management of Inbox Rocket, does not tolerate SPAM or UCE ( Unsolicited Commercial Email ) to any degree. All clients are required to read and abide by this policy. Ignorance, "not understanding" or "not knowing" our policies will not be accepted as an excuse for violation.

Any member found to be in violation of our policies will be immediately removed from our system, will forfeit all monies due from the Inbox Rocket affiliate program, will not be eligible for a refund, and will not be allowed to join Inbox Rocket or any Inbox Rocket affiliated website at any point in the future. We may also release your account details to your ISP, hosting company, or other service providers referenced by the spam.

Members may not promote Inbox Rocket, or use the Company name, trade names, logos, or copyrighted material, in any unauthorized manner.

Members may not SPAM or send unsolicited emails that advertise, direct, redirect or lead either directly or indirectly to any Inbox Rocket related URL, email address, or marketing material including, but not limited to, the Inbox Rocket member websites, any personally owned websites, any third-party websites, or any other medium that may lead a person or business to a Inbox Rocket website.

In addition to unsolicited email, our policy prohibits advertising in Usenet Newsgroups, forums, message board systems or any other system that does not expressly state that advertising is acceptable. Advertising in, or abuse of chat rooms, buddy lists, ICQ, MIRC, ICQ, AOL, MSN, or any similar online communication system will not be allowed unless the advertising is within the guidelines allowable by the service provider.

Ignorance of the policies of any third-party service will not be accepted as an excuse. All Inbox Rocket members are responsible for abiding by the terms and policies of each venue in regard to advertising.

If we receive a complaint from any business or individual we may suspend your account immediately and without prior notice. At that point, the complaint will be immediately researched within 72 hours to determine its validity. If the member is found to be in violation of our policies, we will terminate the account immediately and without warning. If the complaint is found to be invalid, the member's access will be reinstated.

Anyone who uses Inbox Rocket resources, web sites, mail servers, website addresses, or personalized web address for the practice of spamming, will be liable for any expenses incurred by us to reverse any actions taken by our ISP or other services as a result of said spamming.


Safe List Members

If you are a member of a safe list or opt-in list, you may send email to the members of that list, ONLY if you have permission to do so.

All legitimate safe list owners provide a disclaimer for you to use that identifies email sent to others on the safe list that the email they are receiving is due to the safe list membership. If you do not include this disclaimer, even if you forget, you will get SPAM complaints and we will have take action. Forgetfulness is not an excuse.

Personal List Members

If you have a list of people with whom you have previously received permission to send or swap advertisements, and have valid proof of this, you may send them an email ad at your own risk. If you are unsure whether or not you have permission, do not send any advertisements.

If you do receive permission to send solicitations to someone, make sure you keep a copy of that permission as you may later need it for proof.

Outgoing Email

You may not use an Inbox Rocket autoresponder address as the "From:" or "Reply-To:" email address, or an email address that redirects or forwards to an Inbox Rocket autoresponder address in any outgoing headers. Use of an Inbox Rocket address in this, or any other part of the headers of any outgoing email not originating through our servers will is not acceptable.

FFA Link Confirmation Emails

If you have an FFA links page, you may not advertise Inbox Rocket in your "link confirmation email." for any reason. You may not use a Inbox Rocket autoresponder address, tracking URL, or any other Inbox Rocket related service in conjunction with FFA pages. FFA pages are too easily abused to be an allowable advertising method.

Replying to SPAM or Other Email Advertisements

You may not send a solicitation or advertisement to people or businesses just because they sent one to you. SPAM from others is not considered permission to SPAM them back. Receiving an email from someone does not constitute a previous business relationship, "opting in", or consent to send future messages.

Lists Purchased From Outside Vendors

You may NOT purchase a list from any outside vendor under any circumstances. This includes, but is not limited to, co-registration lists, surveyed lists, lead discs, or any other source.


You may NOT post your ad to newsgroupsto solicit subscribers. You may also not post or make mention of any Inbox Rocket autoresponder or email address in a newsgroup posting because the newsgroups are frequently harvested.


You may NOT send any email that includes a disclaimer. If we receive a complaint on an offending email includes that includes any of these statements, your account will be terminated without investigation.

"This is not SPAM. This ad is being sent in compliance with Senate bill 1618, Title 3, section 301."

"You are receiving this email because you are either on a safe list, you posted to my FFA page, or you have sent me an ad."

"You are receiving this email because I heard you were interested in business opportunities."

These are just a few examples of unacceptable disclaimers, and this list is by no means exhaustive.


Inbox Rocket makes use of "spam-trap" addresses. These email addresses are posted to newsgroups, message boards, classified systems, and in various other locations around the Internet. If any email referencing Inbox Rocket in any way is sent to any of our "spam-trap" addresses, the sending account will be terminated immediately and without investigation. Harvesting for email addresses is strictly prohibited, don't do it.

Inbox Rocket also makes use of several internal monitoring systems to prevent abuse. If your acccount is flagged by one of our internal monitoring systems, it may be terminated.

These terms and policies are non-negotiable, and may be updated at any time. If an update is made to our policies, notification of the changes will be posted to our online message board system. It is your responsibility as one of our members to check the message boards for notification of any changes in policy.

Inbox Rocket is the final decision maker as to what qualifies as a violation of our policiy. Our decisions are final, and not open for debate unless you can provide legitimate and verifiable documentation proving that the decision of Inbox Rocket was incorrect.

We will not put the safety, productivity, or reputation of Inbox Rocket or its members in jeopardy due to abuse committed by an individual or group of individuals.

Our system is based strictly on permission based marketing, and relies on our members to ensure and uphold the standards and policies outlined in this document.